A report has been published and it names the companies you don't want to work for! Not a list most companies want to appear on as there must be some correlation between attracting great talent and being on this list. Avoiding this list is relatively simple and it is down to how well do you know and manage your employer brand.

A recent report by HRO Today surprisingly stated that 87% of organisations don't believe that their employer brand differentiates them from their competition.  In my opinion they are at risk of being on "the list".  Why do I say that?  It is because a properly researched and developed Employer Brand does identify key traits that a single company can own and build their personality around which will mark them out for their differences rather than their similarities.  So many organisations don't do the research and insight gathering,  they just grab hold of generic statements and nice words that make them feel good but alongside others they are just me too comments.

So invest in the ground work with a professional organisation who can unlock your key attributes and create something truly different and meaningful and you will succeed in not being on the list but have great differentiation to attract top talent.