It's interesting to read in this article the lengths small businesses go to when developing their company culture.  Some may say it's easier for them to implement culture change than larger organisations but actually the same principles apply regardless of an organisation's size or structure.

A company's culture is central to performance and needs to be well grounded in research and authentic to the company.  You need staff engagement and buy-in throughout and you need to keep it alive by weaving your values throughout day-to-day working life.

It sounds simple of paper, but there are many examples of organisations who have tried to impose or rush through culture change from the top down.  Be warned!  Your employees will not be fooled and your recruitment messaging will jar with new starters when they realise the recruitment 'sell' doesn't match the reality on the job.

Culture change takes time, effort and resources to embed but the organisations who take it seriously reap the benefits - highly engaged employees perform better.  In fact, Forbes’s insight from 2018 suggests it can have more then a 10% lift in growth versus those not as engaged.