Most of us work in fairly mainstream nine-to-five jobs, it easy to overlook the whole host of the specific jobs that need to get done, ranging from the wacky to the wonderful. I've shared before some of the best jobs in the world,  now here are some of the jobs you may never have heard of or even thought existed

Underwater pizza delivery person - If cycling the streets to deliver pizzas doesn’t appeal, how about donning some scuba gear for the gig of underwater pizza delivery for a Floridian hotel? Guests at Jules’ Undersea Lodge, which is 21 feet below the surface of the sea at Key Largo, get pizza for dinner as part of their overnight stay. Don’t worry about soggy crusts: the pizza comes sealed in a plastic box. Warning: you will need to be sub-aqua qualified to apply for the role.

Professional queuer - If you're not easily bored, why not consider applying to be a queue double for someone who wants the latest version of, say, a phone but can’t spare the time to camp outside the retailer ahead of the product’s release. There’s nothing a professional queuer won’t wait for: limited edition shoes, music gigs, new phones, even doctor’s appointments. No experience necessary, just plenty of patience.

Mermaid  - Yes, mermaids really do exist and anyone can be one. Provided they are prepared to develop some serious upper arm muscles and spend a lifetime dotted in impossible-to-remove glitter. One Californian mermaid says she makes up to $6,000 for appearing at parties and aquariums. There is even an annual pageant to crown Miss Mermaid UK; the winner receives a one year contract with a company specialising in mermaid hire.

Golf ball diver - Another wet one is diving for all those millions of golf balls that get hit into lakes at courses around the world. The reward comes from selling secondhand balls. Some people claim to make up to $150,000 a year from selling on their white treasure.

Professional bed rester - Yes, really. NASA needs people to lie in bed for up to 70 days as part of the agency’s bed rest studies, which mimic how the body adapts to weightlessness. Volunteers must eat, exercise and even shower, in the prone position, with a six-degree head-down tilt, which causes their bodies to adapt as if they were in space.

Food stylist - Ever wondered how the food pictured in recipes looks quite so good? That’s because someone is employed to tweak each noodle into place and spritz sauces to keep them looking fresh. While advertising and product packaging styling can involve secret tricks - such as hairspray for extra shine - shots for editorial use tend to keep things a little more real. But remember, being a good cook is crucial.

Roof snow cleaner - To wander the streets of a city like Finland’s Helsinki in winter, is to hear sudden explosions as mounds of snow crash onto the pavements. Look up and you’ll see people on the rooftops clearing the piles of snow that can weigh up to 100kg per square metre, threatening the structural safety of large roofs on retail and sports facilities.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Source: BBC