When it comes to allowing candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their potential during the recruitment process, the emphasis tends to be on entry level talent - allowing this group to navigate the challenge of having little to no experience in the workplace by citing examples from their educational or recreational lives to show what they might be capable of. 

But what about experienced individuals who have been out of the workplace for a period of years and so have gaps in their CVs?  How might employers better support this group?  The story attached gives an example of how a mother was treated after making the decision to return to work having taken time out to raise a family. To be fair to the company in question, when it became aware of what had happened it put processes in place to ensure her experience wasn't that of anyone else applying for a role there moving forward.  

However, this situation could as easily apply to someone returning after a long-term illness, or after taking time out to care for a partner/spouse/relative. Reading this made me wonder: how many companies have taken steps to ensure experienced candidates who have been absent from the workplace for a number of years have sufficient opportunity to demonstrate the contribution they could make to their workplaces..?