It's an honour to be recognised by the industry, and it was a particularly proud moment to win Grand Prix at the Recruitment Marketing Awards for our work with Greater Manchester Nurses.

The biggest achievement, though, is to be able to attract much needed talent to a worthy profession. 

Our partners took a bold approach to the problem. There's no hiding from the reality that recruiting nurses has become extraordinarily difficult, so they decided to join forces and recruit collectively, across 16 organisations. 

The 'Unsung' concept pulled in Manchester's musical heritage, taking lines from the songs of famous local musicians to form a lyrical script for the nurses to read themselves. With a long list of big names to contact for permission, we didn't know what to expect and whether it would cost an absolute fortune to use their songs. But if you don't ask, you don't get. When we started sharing the project and its purpose, the bands could see what we were trying to do, and they climbed on board offering their lyrics to support the nurses. It was pretty amazing to see how the Manchester community was right there to pull together to get a job done. 

The result was a heartfelt piece delivered to camera, mixed with still images of hospital work in action. 

The story resonated, bringing in good results:

β€’ People shared with pride. 672,500 views of the film (and climbing). Shared on social media by the Mayor of Manchester, the band Everything Everything, and many of the nurses themselves.

β€’ High traffic to experience further content. 30,000+ visits to a campaign site dedicated specifically to this recruitment need. 

β€’ Active talent engagement with Greater Manchester NHS and Universities. 1500+ click-throughs to register or apply, with a very low cost per engagement, supporting the public sector's need to be cost effective. 

Content like this has the power not only to engage talent already in the market to bring their skills to the NHS – but also to inspire next generations to take up a career that is as rewarding as it is meaningful. 

Here's to the nurses. 

And here's to Manchester and its stout community spirit.