I’m absolutely delighted to congratulate Kate Bradley and Dean Kempton on winning the ABP 2019 Excellence in Assessment award! In our world of business psychology we always strive to analyse the needs of our clients through an evidence-based lens and it sounds like we’re getting our approach right.  

A little about the project … the NHS Leadership Academy said, “We need to double the size of our graduate scheme intake, whilst reducing resource demand per candidate.” In real terms this translates to more than 16,000 applicants for the 2019 grad scheme intake.  Having researched and discussed design options, we agreed that replacing the face to face sift interview with a video interview to support this significant increase in demand was the most favourable option.  The rigorous way in which we introduced the video interview tool, using the research literature to guide our decision-making at each step, resulted in this award.  

When I was sharing this exciting news, I was asked, What does excellence mean to you Fiadhna? What an interesting and stretching question at 5pm on a Thursday!  When I reflected on the question, the words that sprung to mind (in typical psychoanalytic word-association style!) are ‘striving’, ‘pushing’, ‘challenging’, ‘questioning’. When I think about ‘excellence’ within the realms of psychology in the workplace the phrases ‘research-led’, ‘customer experience’, ‘delighting’, ‘awards’, jump out. These are what we want to achieve in our team; so the external recognition of this ethos being embedded within our project work is fantastic. 

As more technology enters the assessment arena, it’s incredibly important to embrace and explore these innovations as they can potentially help organisations with their recruitment challenges.  However, staying grounded in the research will always ensure we’re making decisions and introducing these new innovations in a measured, mindful and evidence-based way.  Congrats to the team again!