It won't surprise you that the figures are terrible in all aspects of diversity. What I find promising these days is the attitude that our clients are taking towards diversity from both a technology and non technical stand point.

This article shows that both Facebook and Google are seeing growth within their gender bias towards men, however they still have a long way to go across other areas of diversity including ethnic employment and shows an issue with ageism.

What I do like about companies like Google (and that is a hard sentence to write for me) is that they are owning how rubbish they are with diversity. is a site dedicated to showcasing everything they are doing towards trying to reach a more diverse workforce and includes a Diversity Report that graphs out the numbers across Overall/Tech/Non-Tech/Leadership against both Geneder (Globally) and Race/Ethnicity in the US. You can compare these figures against their 2018 numbers all the way back to the 2014 figures to see how things have changed over time.

Even if you aren't able to change the statistics associated with your organisation immediately, by showcasing the numbers you currently have or have had over time along with your statement of intent it goes a long way to show potential candidates that you're not afraid to call yourselves out and that you are willing to try and make improvements.