We talk a lot about how current employees can help to bring an Employer Brand to life. This interview with Anglian Water discusses how their commitment to their employees has seen them top the polls in Glassdoor’s ‘Best Place to Work in the UK’ 2019.

Finding the reasons people come to work and understanding what makes the company, and the role, right for them and their peers is crucial. It shouldn't be the 'ideal picture' painted by an SLT or a creative agency. It needs to be grounded and authentic, or else it could cause more harm than good!

Quite often we hear, ‘our salaries can't compete’, and although they may not be as high as the next company, there are always reasons people will choose an employer with a lower salary. It might be work/life balance, it could be the chance to work on something unique, it could even be easy car parking! What gives your employees a sense of pride and purpose?

Finding out what these reasons are can help make you more attractive to your desired audience, the initial research time you put into any campaign ensures you’ll be able to strike a cord with the people you wish to.