Go back a couple of years and all research around candidate experience was US-centric and focussed around professional services hiring. 

Now we're seeing significantly more insight generated in the UK and covering broader employment groups. What stands out is that despite low levels of unemployment and scarce skills being in high demand, too many employers are operating a vanilla recruitment process which fails to deliver the level of personalisation, engagement and feedback that candidates demand.

Recent research by TMP Worldwide of over 1200 candidates shows (amongst other things) that as candidates progress through the recruitment process and are increasingly invested in the journey then they expect more detailed feedback on their performance. 

In fact, employers who give detailed feedback to candidates are seven times more likely to be recommended on social media than those that don't.

And only 1 in 10 would reapply to an organisation if they didn't get feedback after an assessment centre. 

Bad news if you're hoping to keep those 'silver medal winners' in your pipeline.