Today, the British Army launched their new recruitment campaign #ArmyConfidence.

After the controversial "Snowflake" campaign last year, #ArmyConfidence is already being well received on Twitter and LinkedIn. Why? Because it occupies that obvious but tricky to nail sweet spot between what candidates want to hear and what strongly resonates with current employees. 

Research states that 89% of Gen-Z believe that self-confidence is key to success in life, but that 80% say it’s hard to find in today’s society. Sitting in contrast to the dopamine response of Social Media, and the short-lived confidences gained from fast fashion and drinking, the Army's proposition is "lasting confidence".

"Lots of things can give you confidence, for a little while. But confidence that lasts a lifetime? There's one place you'll find that."

The suite of adverts includes collages of pint glasses, emojis, trainers, and make-up, criticising their short-term value. But what makes the campaign authentic, is that it can be used as a story-telling platform for those who have served in the Army. Here are some of the tweets that stood out for me this afternoon:

@DeniceWebb17 "I gained #ArmyConfidence through networking.  At 27, I already knew who I was & had few expectations. But the mentoring & support from soldiers & officers has been phenomenal.  In 2020 I'll show that you can be black, female, queer, poor, & thrive in the #army.  See us! Be us!"

@Average_S0ldier: "Below is a thread that i wrote about how #armyconfidence has helped me progress, both personally and professionaly. We wont judge you on your past, your sex, your race, your colour or your religion. Redefine yourself! Become a better you, and help us become better."

@WanderingSappe "I definitely lacked self-belief and confidence before joining the @BritishArmy aged 20; and the stats suggest the majority of 16-25 yr olds feel the same way. #ArmyConfidence is the focus in the latest Recruitment Campaign. Who wouldn’t want a confidence that lasts a lifetime?"

@JIHandling "I am a product of  #armyconfidence. It got me started and has helped me to succeed in a fantastic second career after 24 years in @BritishArmy. Grab the chance while you can. You won’t regret it."

"Previous ads have emphasised the emotional benefit of the strong bonds experienced in the Army (2017), how it’s not only one type of person who finds their place in the Army (2018) and how the Army looks beyond stereotypes to see young people’s potential (2019)." Creative Review