Today’s job seeker is said to be looking to work with ethical companies who have responsible values, suggesting that charitable and not for profit organisations would benefit from this increased focus from candidates.

With so many charities to choose from and 5,000 or more being created each year, it’s important charities and not-for-profit employers give themselves the best chance of recruiting and retaining the right talent. Retention can be a reflection of the recruitment process, so it’s important to recruit the right person to the right opportunity in a company they share common values with.

Although looking for cost-effective routes to market, messaging remains key and can be low/no cost. When competing for talent, charities should be looking at their USP's through an employee lens, and offering authentic employee stories to articulate the culture and benefits. The candidate experience should reflect the company they’ll be joining and continue once they start a role, for instance ‘Great for professional development’ needs backing up with tangible evidence, perhaps with peer to peer stories prior to joining and be the reality while in post too.

The article below gives three useful tips, serving as a reminder before launching any new year recruitment campaigns.