While this article from the FT is about products, brands and businesses the same lesson can be learned from candidates.

There are tools out there that allow you monitor the deepest darkest corners of social media (and the web) and provide you with an overview of the public's sentiment.

This deep analysis, coupled with a strategy around how you manage social communities to build advocacy, will help showcase to potential candidates the positive aspects of starting a career with you.

Unfortunately we are tasked against overcoming the negative bias that exists in all of us. Let's say you have ninty-nine candidates go through a great application and onboarding process. Then, one candidate has a poor experience.  Guess who is most likely to turn to social media, or to their friends, and tell them about their experience? That's right, it's the negative experience. 

Even when you get a tonne of positive reviews, let's say on a product you're looking to buy on Amazon, as soon as you read one negative review you immediately question you purchase decision.

That's why it is important to ensure that every stage of your candidates journey is as smooth as possible, whether or not they end up applying, or if they are regretted.

If you're wondering about your own candidate journey please reach out, I'm always up for a coffee and a chat.