1. You don’t need a HR strategy 

This year, bold HR professionals will be ripping up their HR strategy and just focus on business strategy instead. Sometimes, HR has a quiet voice in the boardroom, but the game changers will be those that demonstrate a clear link between Talent and business performance, and how the EVP is a catalyst for change. We’ve all seen the data around diverse teams driving better financial performance, less will have seen the metrics around the true value of a great employee vs. their average counterpart.

The brave will become ‘Sales & Marketing’ for Talent instead.

2. All change at the top 

Smart leadership will be rethinking the remits of their top Marketing, HR and Talent Acquisition professionals. There are similarities across the board, for example, each understands their audience, they engage, they differentiate, and they’re all obsessed with data. But, they all vary greatly in their methodologies.

Organisations that embrace change now, will reap the rewards of more focused teams. If marketing is all about creating best in class customer experiences, then the role of ‘Sales and Marketing’ for Talent will be ensuring colleagues get a best in class candidate and colleague experience.

3. Good for the soul will be good for business 

The bar is rising when it comes to a business’ moral conscience. As individuals reject companies, and even whole industries, based on their social or environmental impact, employers will start rolling out signature moves to change perception. Leading organisations will take massive strides to do good and become the employer choice through education and training programmes, far beyond traditional CSR.

It will be the organisations in the middle of the road that will suffer.

4. Can I speak to a human, please? 

In our quest to embrace automation and screen candidates quickly, we’ve accidentally created a cookie-cutter system. Candidates are going to begin rejecting the employers that favour completely digital experiences over talking to a real person.

Has the desire for efficiency gone too far? If our goal is to build advocacy and loyalty throughout the recruitment process, then it does feel that way. Employers that look for opportunities to increase human interaction will make gains in 2020.

5. Local expertise trumps global knowledge

Global consistency is super important when building your brand, and toolkits are a great resource for international teams. But, engagement needs to be driven on the ground. 

Data can give us a really good picture of how to nuance messaging and channels for local markets, but we expect to see candidates wanting more culturally relevant content and employers needing flex to respond quickly to industry and competitor moves. 

2020 is the year for head office to be humble – don’t assume you know!