Being known for one thing and having a narrow reputation as an employer is a barrier to getting the talent you want and need that many organisations face. 

Overcoming it requires a change of thinking. Often this will be part of a suite of challenges that will all sound familiar: recruitment agency dependency, limited workforce planning, lack of innovation in candidate generation, &/or inconsistent assessment and candidate experience. 

However if you start with savvily constructed, in depth research, you can identify not only the differentiators for a re-conceived employer brand, but also the foundations for improvement across all areas of Talent Acquisitions. 

When we did this for the AA in 2016, our findings were transformed into brand pillars that we were validated with real stories from the business and a proposition that really encapsulated the spirit of the AA. Leading everything was a message that we’d heard over and over:

Working for the AA, people thrived on going the extra mile to help customers with unexpected challenges – and across a surprising variety of opportunities.

This insight became the AA’s employer brand core message: Ready for ANYTHING?

This was the gateway for an engaging, interactive, award winning, record-breaking, strategy that delivered $9 million in savings over 3 years. 

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