Employer branding has a problem.

More employers (and consultants) are developing algorithms and blueprints for developing EVPs or employer brands.

And whilst this provides comfort and seeks to minimise risk, by basing your strategies on proven research, the real danger is that everything is beige and samey.

Let's take the example of software developers - one of the most sought after skillsets & challenging professions to hire for.

So when Stack Overflow helpfully produce their robust and well-researched global survey into recruitment and employment of developers, employers naturally leap to implement the findings.

The challenge is that if all employers adjust their Recruitment Value Proposition for technologists & lead their recruitment marketing with generic details around: collegiate culture, investment in training, purposeful word (let’s say), then it’s very hard for jobseekers to differentiate between employers.

So back to the title. BBH - one of the most iconic and successful advertising agencies of the late 20th century had the tagline : 'When others zig, zag' which highlighted their approach to developing disruptive advertising that broke sector norms and made many of their clients successful & wealthy.

So for employers, the answer is to ensure that you clearly highlight your capability around address industry or professional needs & aspirations, but see them as ‘hygiene factors’ (or table stakes as our US colleagues frame it). 

Above that you look to ensure that part of your content strategy is around sharing stories that are authentic and true, but deliberately focussed on areas where you have genuine competitive differential.

Go zig.