Shakeshack in the US is one of the first retailers to give a shortened work week a trial and it has had some impressive initial results.

The workload hasn't reduced, they've just asked their employees to get what they need to get done in less time by finding improvements in the process or by simply having less unproductive time.

Very few people can honestly admit to working every minute of every day a week, so why not turn the tables and put it back to your employee's to have the extra day off in exchange for.... well for doing your job.

Unsurprisingly this has led to a huge uptake in recruitment numbers for any company that takes on this approach, with an increase in female applicants as well.

A longer study has been performed by Perpetual Guardian in New Zealand back in 2018 with exceptional results across the board with regards to

- Leadership
- Committent
- Stimulation
- Empowerment

It's a really interesting read -