Care work is often seen as second class in comparison to other health services, yet these are dedicated professionals that are also supporting those who most need it.

A sector that has continually had a recruitment crisis. It can be one of the most stressful roles, with fairly poor remuneration in comparison to the essential role that it provides, supporting those most vulnerable in society. However, alongside the stress, it can be one of the most rewarding. But perhaps this will be one of the positives to come to from the current CV19 crisis. Will people actually look at what a gratifying career path this is and start to consider it as an option? As we all rediscover a sense of community and focus on what really matters in life, how can we all help those that really need it?

Research from CV-Library found that despite job postings and applications dropping by 15 per cent in March, those in certain key worker industries saw huge rises. Job postings in the public sector increased by 104 per cent, agriculture by 99 per cent, social care by 18 per cent, education by 3 per cent and distribution industries by 2 per cent.

Perhaps if society starts to recognise what an essential career this is in society, it will change that stigma of being the Cinderella of the Healthcare sector. Highlighting that actually many of us already have the skills that are required to undertake this fulfilling role, then perhaps we can start to turn the historic recruitment crisis in this area around.

We’ve already been working with Kent County Council and the other care providers across the county, to highlight what rewarding careers these are and how people have many of the skills and attributes required to make an exceptional carer.

Take a look at our case study and watch the film we produced.