Here are 12 projects recruiters can tackle to make an immediate impact on your business and better position your company for when the hiring hiatus is over. 

#1: EVALUATE & OPTIMIZE YOUR RECRUITING TECH STACK.  Strategically identify the tools that don’t add any value or aren't working as well as you'd hoped when they were implemented. 

#2: ADVANCE YOUR SKILL SET. Top three stills (according to LinkedIn) are engaging passive candidates, analysing talent data, and advising the business. 

#3: TRAIN EMPLOYEES TO BE BRAND ADVOCATES. Messaging that is shared by employees receives 561% more impressions than when a company sends it and content gets shared 24 times more when distributed by the employees of a company. 

#4: CREATE EMPLOYER BRANDING CONTENT. You can’t empower your employees to be brand advocates if there is no content to share.

#5: PARTNER WITH HR ON EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Tap into the data you have from exit interviews to highlight areas of concern that could help HR's efforts to keep employees engaged. 

#6: CREATE A PLAN FOR BACKFILLING KEY POSITIONS. Be sure to keep your talent pipeline warm so you still have candidates to tap into if turnover does occur. 

#7: BUILD A RECRUITMENT AUTOMATION PLAN. Begin thinking about what you'll need once the hiring freeze is lifted and how you can streamline your efforts.

#8: ELEVATE YOUR CAREER PAGE. The average conversion rate of a career page is about 8%, showing there is lots of room for improvement. Could yours do better?

#9: INVEST IN HIRING MANAGERS. Our research shows that interactions with hiring managers, on the whole, damage candidate experience. Educate them on candidate experience and their role. 

#10: TEST & IMPROVE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS. The average drop off rate during an application process is 80% and almost half of applicants (48%) do so because of a complicated ATS system.

#11: WRITE BETTER JOB DESCRIPTIONS. Our research this year shockingly revealed that 73% of hiring managers say they provide clear job descriptions while only 36% of candidates agree. 

#12: GO ALL-IN ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Companies who use social media well see a 50% increase in quality of applicants. It’s a strategy you should be investing in but may not have had the time to until now.