The best people you have in your team ought to be those chasing your tail if you have been brave and recruited for the future, not just filled a job. 

There's no need to be afraid of recruiting people better than you or developing people who will 'overtake' you. What you don't want is great talent leaving. Blanchard says in this interesting article that Leadership is at best a partnership, it's not about me it's about us. Maybe you are feeling this even more so now with so much uncertainty around work and the impact of Covid-19. You'll want staff to return when we are able but in the meantime trust in their motivation to perform at their best. 

The leadership style you have adopted over the years will come to fruition now. If you have been forward thinking and bold and nurtured and encouraged people to where they want to be, they will stay loyal when times are hard. I hope that's you. 

Great leaders support individuals through all three stages of partnering for performance rather than hoping they make it. These are;

Performance Planning. No matter how busy you are, it’s essential to spend time with your direct reports on planning and goal setting. Even high performers need support and encouragement to be their best.

Performance Coaching. Leaders often assume that their performance planning conversations are so clear that there is no need for follow up. Save yourself time and misery by having regular progress-check meetings with your direct reports. 

Performance Review. I don’t believe in the dreaded annual performance review. I think of performance review as an ongoing process that happens during open, honest discussions leaders have with their direct reports all year long.

Then he says get out of their way .........  trained people need autonomy and space to grow. High performers still need support and encouragement and so keep talking with each other. 

Never assume you've finished.