Step into the disruptive & pioneering mind of a Global CPO as David Fairhurst talks freely about leading culture, motivating talent, and HR innovation in this interview. 

He draws on several examples from his time at McDonalds which are equally inspiring and insightful. 

The whole conversation (link below) is absolutely worth a 40 min plug in and walk round the block as there's so much more in the conversation. In the meantime.... here's a selection of some of the stand out points he makes.... 

On culture:

Moving to a progressive supporting relationship between the employer and the employee by ensuring process serves to motivate and drive performance and not vice versa. Culture drives strategy and business performance. How? Defining it is the most critical role for HR and business. Define where you are and where you want to be, based on what the customer expects.  Use models that show tensions and trade-offs to socialise, discuss, and build engagement. 

On innovation:

It matters in order to exceed customer, and staff, expectations. They don't always know what they need so we need to be ahead of them. HR's role is to create a climate for this to happen. 

On technology:

Using Alexa to generate interest and applications to McDonalds, attracting 50 million media hits, thousands of applications, and being playful in their interaction with the brand. 

On diverse workforces:

Production of a global diversity strategy with a framework that each country could populate with their progress and achievements in the context of achieving diversity. E.g. removing unconscious bias using AI tech in our recruitment. 

On social inclusion:

Young people are hidden in society because of social constraints. Companies can do great things to help society. Partnering with the International Youth Foundation lead to a commitment to train 2 million young people, giving them a helping hand to get into the workforce. 

On leadership:

Ambidextrous 'and' leaders are needed: who think 'Today and tomorrow', 'Market and Enterprise', 'Execution and Innovation'. 

And some delightful, inspiring, tweetable quotes:

"Cultural differences are different answers to the same question"

"Customer expectations continue to evolve at an ever growing rate"

"You cannot manage performance, but you can motivate it"

"Mass recruitment advertising can be mundane - you must challenge and disrupt"

"If talent is king, then culture is the kingdom"