Although not a priority for many due to freezes or pauses on recruitment activity, some organisations are continuing to recruit at a pace to keep up with the demands of their business. 

For those that are hiring at scale the risk lies in the candidate to employee experience. In certain situations high volume recruitment means high volume onboarding and therefore many are just equipping employees with the bear minimum. The expectation is for them to adapt quickly and make as few errors as possible in order to hit the ground running. In doing this new employees may become disillusioned with the role that they have taken on leading to a lack of engagement and satisfaction.

According to recent stats it can cost around 33% of an employees salary to replace them if they leave. Those who stay with no or little training could cost the organisation more in poor customer experience, errors and lack of quality. 

Onboaring even in a crisis is still important when bringing new hires into the business. Although a poor experience could be as bad as no onboarding!