Talk of employer brand and presence in the market may not seem forefront of people's minds currently but that might depend on your perspective and future plans.

From one point of view going quiet as an employer in the current climate could make it hard to re-establish yourself when we start to come out the otherside of this situation. And by being quiet I mean stopping content and updates, not just switching off hiring.

From another point of view, those who are recruiting at the moment the competition is high in the key worker industries according to CV-Library's latest figures, Care Workers (searches for vacancies up 239%), Drivers (searches up 150%), what can you use to raise your profile amongst the competition?

It's worth considering existing content and adapting it or creating new content (even in lockdown - see our newly launched video for OPSS here to get your values and culture across to job seekers. 

Our recent social media campaign for Kent CC has seen great results using film, with 175 applications in the first 10 days, and even offers made and a candidate starting within 5 days of going live.

Even in lockdown, we can all find ways to attract talent.