With many organisations forced to set-up home working arrangement within the blink of an eye, how successful has your employer been at engaging hearts and minds, as well as well getting the practicalities in please to enable staff to work remotely?

Lockdown has forced the issue that many have been talking about - and avoiding -  for years.  Should home working be encouraged?  Are teams as productive working from home?  And what does the reluctance to allows home working say about your company culture and levels of trust?  

Many employees can't work from home due to the nature of their job, but for those who can, will this become the new norm and if so, how can you keep a virtual workforce engaged and motivated?

The reality is actually much simpler than the idea itself - a few simple and logical steps can make a huge difference and actually go a long way to build stronger, less hierachical teams.

As someone who works remotely, I have never felt more connected.  Weekly Zoom calls and business updates have brought our teams together like never before and broken down location and team barriers.

It's amazing what you can do if the choice is taken away from you so let's hope more employers start to build a culture of trust and team.   You'll have a more connected, engaged and motivated workforce that sticks far beyond lockdown.