Fascinating to see how – during these challenging times - some organisations and business leaders actions jar with their previously curated public images.

Whether it’s Hiscox and their clash with policyholders, Branson, Haji-Ioannou or Tim Martin from JD Wetherspoon.

These figures stand in stark contrast to some of the newer entrepreneurs who have emerged in the era of purpose, and garnered positive publicity for their actions during the crisis.

Joe 'The Body Coach' Wicks, for example, hosting YouTube fitness classes aimed at children as schools shut.

Or the BrewDog founders manufacturing hand sanitiser and delivering lunches to vulnerable people.

With trust in politicians so low, the public increasingly expect businesses to step up, especially during the biggest global crisis of recent years.

The high-profile corporate mavericks of the past must adjust to the new reality or else they risk becoming the kind of outdated 'dinosaur' they once railed against.