On the 200th anniversary of her birth, Florence Nightingale's achievements really resonate. Her pioneering ideas and reforms set precedent for modern nursing, through revolutionising good hygiene with handwashing to promoting the effectiveness of evidence-based healthcare, commemorating her today is more relevant than ever.

Nightingale’s legacy lives on in many guises. Her work led to the founding of the nursing school at St Thomas’, developing midwifery, and the redesign of hospitals throughout the UK. Most recently, she is remembered through the naming of the seven NHS Nightingale Hospitals set up to respond to the Covid-19 epidemic.

But today is not about one nurse. It is about the hundreds of thousands of nurses and midwives across the UK, including the 7,500 returners who came back to the profession when the country needed their expertise.

I spent the early part of my career working in the NHS, and proud that my wife and members of my family and friends are on the frontline saving lives and caring for the nation.

It’s a time for everyone to reflect on the selfless, caring, and skilled work carried out every day, and for communities, leaders and individuals to express their gratitude.

We’ve taken the opportunity to think about how we can support the NHS. Over the years we’ve helped attract Doctors, Dentists and Nurses from overseas, supported the staffing of new hospitals, raised the profile of the NHS in local communities and recruited the next generation of leaders.

But, in light of the current situation, we wanted to do something more.  Every Thursday at 8pm we clap to say thank you to the care and nursing professions, and to our NHS. But what happens when the clapping stops?

We thought the best way to say thank you, is to inspire encourage more incredible people to join the profession

We hope you enjoy this non-commercial film that we’ve created. Please feel free to share with friends and family and encourage them to #JoinTheNHS.