You could be holding yourself back whilst waiting for 100% perfection. Waiting for that imaginary job where you read the ‘magic list’ of credentials required and think "YAY I meet every single criterion. I'll apply". Remember, even those who meet all the criteria and get appointed don't always work out.

Listen, you could be waiting a long time for the perfect match, and in the meantime be missing out on having essential conversations about how to get to the next role through putting yourself forward for new roles internally or externally.

Unfortunately, many people (mainly women) focus on potential jobs for which they are already over qualified. This means you can;

hit the ground running

provide a quicker return

prove yourself and minimise the risk of it not working out

What stretch, and value will you really be offering yourself? It takes a big leap of faith to change job, so you might as well add to your skillset too. Otherwise, you may quickly become stagnant which will make it harder for you to progress to the next role.

To keep progressing you'll need to keep developing new skills, and in order to do that you'll need to have opportunity to work outside of your current job responsibility. That's between you and your boss - to have open and honest conversations.

You can help yourself by adopting a growth mindset research by Carol Dweck says. If you believe you can learn and develop and do the next role, then you can. Your mindset can really affect how you progress.

Dweck says someone with a growth mindset will view a “knowledge gap as a lack of skill (which can be acquired) rather than a lack of talent (which cannot).”

Don't limit yourself .................... apply for that next role with confidence and don't worry if you don't tick all the boxes. Organisations are starting to realise that long lists of requirements or 'essential criteria' is limiting the diversity of the talent they can attract. They may be more flexible than you think!

It's time to be bold. Go on!