It just goes to show that when there is focus on diversity it makes a difference. This has to come from the top, and work its way through the fabric of the organisation to make change happen. It's a shared responsibility and not just the realm of 'the boss'. This is where we can all make a difference.

This interesting graphic shows the rise of female leadership in FTSE top 350 firms. 

We could argue that these large corporates have the resources with the necessary specialisms, and the scale, which can attract specialists in diversity and inclusion to champion the cause - and of course you would be correct. 

Often the big firms lead the way in making change happen, they have the tiers of strategic thinkers who can, well, think. 

What about the SMEs - how can we learn from the larger firms?  

(1) Work on your business as much as you do in your business

Often smaller businesses work in the business rather than on it. This may be to do with resource, time, sharing accountability or letting go. Have a vision and articulate it. Stop and review it - are you getting there or a my boss once said "climbing the ladder to find you are at the top of the wrong building"? Do you have a diversity strategy in your vision - if not make it happen. 

(2) Have a business plan, and refer to it! 

A business plan should act as a blueprint to guide you in the good times, as well as the bad. Review it in the short term - are you still guided by this 'Northern Star' - if not, why not? 

(3) It’s not all about the revenue 

Big corporates don’t just ride the wave of high revenues, they plan ahead for future shortfalls and continue to work on developing the business. They keep to their vision and make it happen. Even if it takes years they keep going.

(5) Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

They say it’s lonely at the top, and this is especially the case for SME leaders who don’t have the luxury of a board to bounce ideas around. Even if you have partners, you’re all so close to the business it’s often difficult to think outside the box. So it’s important to look beyond the business for support.

Whether it’s professional coaching, a business mentor or a networking group, take the time to seek advice from outside your business to help you take your business to the next level. After all, it’s not for nothing that some of the biggest corporates have engaged the services of mentors and coaches. 

Source Real Business "Things SMEs can learn from large Corporates" 2016

It doesn't matter the size of your organisation you can still make diversity matter. We're all agreed that difference makes us stronger .......................... right.

Organisation with increased diversity perform better ......................... need I say more!

Go to it ......celebrate difference and start the conversation to make change happen.