Happy Friday!

A round-up of thinking, news, and interesting things for your morning coffee break. 


  • Deloitte, Capgemini, Civil Service Fast Stream and RSM UK share their experiences of virtual assessment centres
  • We’ve supported Virgin Media by designing a virtual interview process from scratch. In the first 4 weeks we delivered 5,500 new applications, assessed 1,800 online video interviews, instigated 400 final stage qualification calls and made nearly 300 offers
  • We’ve had some amazing feedback on the video interviewing we’re doing for the Scottish Prison Service this week. 43 have completed the satisfaction survey so far with an average score of 4.3/5. Assessors have shared that the pass rate is currently 69% (up from 50% face to face)
  • We’ve pulled together all our virtual hiring factsheets in one place as a handy resource

In the UK:

In the wider world:

Things I’ve liked this week:


  • Virtual events/open days present an opportunity for candidates to be more flexible/able to attend and allows them to be anonymous – no risk of a colleague spotting them!
  • Workforce planning is a challenge when organisations don’t know what skills they’ll need – perhaps focus on recruiting for mindset and learning agility?
  • Brands and employers look to be more human in their comms to build trust
  • With shopping habits changing forever, many companies will need to invest in tech talent to manage the transformation to online

Finally. . . UK beer gardens could host distanced drinking from 4th July!!