One of my lock down highlights has been getting to talk with Annie Lush, Olympian and World Champion. How often in life do you get to chat with someone that has reached that level of sporting achievement?

As the daughter of a sailor but also someone that is passionate about sport - I'm fascinated by the mental strength that it takes to be able to spend weeks at sea where you potentially are unable to be rescued. I was also intrigued by what it's been like to be part of the pioneering all female crews that she has been involved in.

In this podcast with Annie, we got to talk about a range of topics from the differences between female and mixed crews, to how do you pick yourself up from failure. What do you do when you break your back at sea? As well as how do we get more girls interested in STEM subjects and opening up roles in typically male dominated industries.

I hope you find this conversation as interesting and inspiring as I did.