I would like to think that the majority of employers recognise the value that a diverse workforce brings to their organisations - not only in terms of productivity, innovation and reputation but also in terms of staff engagement and doing their bit to tackle societal inequalities.  

The Black Lives Matter movement is the most recent example of how inequalities still exist in all walks of live, so how do organisations go about making these changes? It's one think saying you want to attract and retain a more diverse workforce but how do you actually put your plans and targets into practice?  

A report published in February by the Parker Review (an independent review to improve the ethnic and cultural diversity of UK boards) reveals 'slow progress' on the ethnic diversity of FTSE boards. Questions have also been raised around the number of women holding positions at UK board level, with female executives serving much shorter tenures and figures being skewed by non-exec roles.  It's clearly easier said than done.

Gate Ventures CEO, Tevin Tobun, has built a truly diverse workforce.  This was a key objective of his when he set up his business in 2001 and he's built a leadership team that reflected his workforce and customer base. He says there are plenty of BAME leaders in the market place but they remain an untapped resource. 

Diversity and Inclusion is now seen as a key priority and features in many companies' values and strategic plans but to take it from theory into practice you need to work hard at all levels of the organisation from tactical changes to your attraction and recruitment processes, through to strategic change focusing on organisational culture and employer brand values.

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