There is so much I want to learn about diversity and inclusion to make a difference to my own workplace and the experiences that people have when they work alongside me.

I'm actively involved in understanding our performance across diversity and inclusion, and sharing that insight to improve our workplace, as well as encouraging women to be brave and progress in our organisation. I'm curious, and Pat says that's good.

I recently went on a LinkedIn learning programme run by Pat Wadors, called Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging or DIBs as she calls it for short. I learned so much in the 53 minutes I spent with her that it has compelled me to share what I learned with you.

Did you know that 67% of millennial's will make a decision on what company they will work for based on how diverse they perceive that organisation to be. That's a whole lot of talent you miss out on if you are not becoming more diverse as an organisation. This isn't something that you can fake either - no pretty marketing picture on  your website - people are more savvy than that please! When new candidates walk around your office (yeah remember that) or join a video conference what do they see - look around and see it from their eyes? 

Be aware. Then do something about it. Having with our global diversity thought leaders recently, and asked what can I do - a white, middle aged woman? I was told the that the best place to start is to make sure that your workplace mirrors your community or City. Just by doing that will make you a more inclusive organisation. If you operate in a diverse community why isn't it reflected in your organisation?  I bet many of us are asking that very same question. 

Pat says that 'Belonging' is a foundation of developing equitable workplaces. Belonging is about how you showcase a 'care for me' approach which is all about individuals. Do your employees know you care about them? It's not something that has a one size fits all, it isn't a process or a procedure is all about compassion. You can create 'belonging moments' by; 

  • when you ask someone how they are you STOP and LISTEN
  • in your 121s you shut your laptop and STOP and LISTEN
  • survey the organisation and if employees feel that they belong
  • you invite people to speak up so their voice can be heard 

YOU need to STOP and LISTEN.

The research is compelling. Research into feelings of belonging within organisations shows that where where people feel that they belong, performance can increase by 56% and retention can increase by 50%. 

Sounds simple doesn't it ......... show that you care for individuals, and they will become higher performing and stay with your organisation for longer. So why aren't you doing it?