Happy Friday!

A round-up of thinking, news, and interesting things for your Monday coffee.

Things I’ve liked this week:

  • Chipotle teamed up with activist and television personality, Karamo to host a Pride ‘Lunch & Listen’ session on its official TikTok channel. Karamo was joined by TikTok creators Isabella Avila, Eva Gutowski and Collins O. to share their experiences as prominent voices in the LGBTQ+ community. Chipotle said it would donate $1 for every viewer, up to $50,000, to the Center for Black Equity, and is a great example of putting your money where your mouth is.


  • I’ve published my thoughts on how organisations can help women succeed in the workplace in response to The 30% Club and The Financial Times asking the question. Drawing upon research I carried out, there are some interesting differences in what male and female respondents perceived the actual issues to be which sheds light on how to solve them effectively. 
  • I expect there are many people saying that they’re ‘working from home’ but the reality now just feels like they’re ‘living at work’. Certainly, when I started lock down, I didn’t quite comprehend the fact it meant my new set up was going to be long-term. With home and work all blurring into one, I’m setting a personal goal to form some boundaries starting with taking my computer off the dining room table at the end of the week! Now might also be the time to invest in an ugly desk chair too . . . Check in with colleagues and team members to make sure they are setting themselves up well for the long haul. Our shoulders and minds will thank us!!


In the UK:

  • The Social Mobility Commission have shared a report highlighting that the apprenticeships system is failing learners from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you have recruit apprentices, what are you doing to keep them on the programme? Reach out to my colleague Rowena who loves talking about all things Entry Level Talent.
  • Research from Seed Marketing showed that 77% of students ‘will feel very comfortable on campus’, 79% ‘want to interact with brands’ and more students want to interact ‘in real life’ vs. online
  • The UK labour market is showing green shoots of recovery, according to new data from LinkedIn. However, the research highlights that some industries are recovering far quicker than others, and the UK as a whole is lagging behind some of its European counterparts. Around a month ago, the hiring rate was down 49% when compared with the same time last year. During the week commencing 15 June, recruitment climbed slightly, resulting in a hiring rate that was 31% down on last year. Here are some additional findings:

Legal, Software & IT Services and Corporate Services have seen the strongest rebound in hiring. These industries are now trending at -16/17% YoY

Media & Communications (-38%), Construction (-38%), Manufacturing (-41%) and Recreation & Travel (-66%) showed some signs of improvement.

Despite the easing of lockdown restrictions, hiring in Retail (-34%) and Entertainment (-51%) showed no improvement in hiring over the last two weeks.

Hiring in Italy and France – which experienced steeper hiring declines and fell to as much as -60/70% in mid-April – are now trending above the UK.

In the wider world:

LinkedIn ran a session called ‘What does Brand Trust mean in 2020?”

Highlights from Lisa Ross, COO of Edelman (in relation to BLM) include:

  • Expect criticism - have a thick skin and a pure heart
  • We all have power - use it for good and measure it
  • People are looking for honesty and integrity - companies must think through and beyond the statement
  • This is not about doing something for black people - this is about addressing the wrongs of this nation
  • We have to be careful about urgency - have this conversation every quarter for the next 5 years

Highlights from Esi Eggleston Bracey, COO, Unilever:

  • The responsibility of business is to do good in the world
  • Neutrality is not an option - be willing to take actions based on stance and not on popularity
  • Don't expect immediate results; have short-term milestones with long-term goals
  • Authenticity is so important
  • Show racial equity in your brand proposition - stand in your purpose and mission
  • Refrain the conversation from "allies" to "advocates" and "champions"

If you’d like to chat about any of the above or share your experiences, feel free to reach out.