You've heard the saying "dress for the role you want not the role you have"? This article takes matters a bit further in an interesting article about making your best impression through video during meetings or interviews.

We've certainly had more zoom meetings and people have got more and more creative about their background. There is almost a badge of honour in how creative you can be, exit Suzi Fox with her office background in the background!! But ...... 60% of the people you speak to want to see the real you and that means the real background.

Doing well in business means great networking and networking is based on Like, Know and Trust. If you have copious amounts of gin and whiskey in the background, or scenes of where you have been or imagine going, or books then people get to know you subtly by seeing who you really are. However, I don't think you can afford to be unaware of what's in your background. I recently watched Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode's TV Film Review and Mark was asked why he had a book on pornography on the shelf behind him. It didn't bother me as it was related to film genres. Mark reviews film from all genres and he is an expert. The book is in keeping with who he is and so it made sense to me. 

So have a look at what is behind you and make sure it makes sense and then just let it be. Let people get to know you, then they might like you and begin to trust you.

Some tips in here in the article.

  • In a virtual setting most people care about the background behind you - most people want to just see the room behind you
  • Colour could make a difference - neutral seems to be preferred - but be who you are and if colour matters to you, think what impact you are having on others
  • Business casual is a safe option - depending on what image you are trying to portray - full business suit could be too formal for video unless you want to been seen as the expert

Lots more interesting facts and figures in the a article and visual graphs for easy reading - go on have a read.