Many people have asked me how I am doing, and I've said that I am really busy. They were surprised. I have been through several market recessions in the past 20+ years of Executive Search and Selection and so I was curious to see how my colleagues in the sector were fairing.

In good times and tough times good leadership prevails and is in demand. This means giving our clients access to the widest possible pool of candidates for any one job. Advertising might give you some safety in numbers, but often there is a mismatch between what the client’s needs and who is available. Therefore, using a targeted driven methodology is as popular as ever in getting to the best talent.

Now, it might be harder to get people to move so here is an interesting insight from the sector.

“It is clear to businesses that having the right leadership team in place is more important than ever as companies attempt to steer themselves through the pandemic and reinvigorate their focus on diversity and inclusion to build a foundation on which to thrive.”

Attracting leadership

“Companies are looking for infrastructure leaders across finance, audit and compliance who can help protect businesses over the coming months and procurement leaders with a track record of reducing spend without impacting quality of vendor provision.

Attracting talent

While the executive search market has largely been unaffected by the current crisis, actually encouraging and enticing senior executives to jump ship is a difficult task "it is a more difficult time to tempt new talent their way. Executive-level candidates might be exercising caution when considering a career move in today’s climate, which compounds recruiting challenges.”

Employer Branding matters

“An exceptional level of candidate care and compelling messaging is more important than ever in convincing executives to make a move at this turbulent time. Employer brand is critical for companies to both retain and attract the right leaders who can help take the business forward,” Pointon concluded.

Executive Search remains resilient in the tough times and great leadership never goes out of fashion.