Happy Friday!

A round-up of thinking, news, and interesting things for your Monday coffee.

Things I’ve liked this week:

  • Our ‘Developing Female Talent’ network has been raving about the new Bodyform advert this week. From suspicious blue liquids to happy rollerblading women, adverts for period products have always been shrouded in shame and avoidance. Much like how adverts for women’s razors never featured hairy legs. . . Bodyform’s latest campaign could represent the tipping point, which finally makes a shift in the perception of women’s bodies in advertising. The #Wombstories film is brave, uncomfortable, emotional, and honest, visualising the experiences that many go through but don’t openly talk about. It’s a powerful reminder of how important advertising can be in shifting a narrative. It’s also refreshingly void of gender stereotypes. Bravo, Bodyform. Trigger warning: images of needles and portrayal of baby loss.
  • Monza make their inclusivity training and resources publicly available. “Everyone that joins Monzo has to do training about privilege and inequality as part of their onboarding. This helps people join the company with a shared, consistent understanding of historical and current inequalities in society”.


  • I’ve recorded a podcast with our friends at Indeed and the Guardian: Helen and Fran. In this episode of Talking Talent, we’re talking about company culture – why it’s important, how to build one that attracts the employees you want to hire and what you can do to embrace authenticity.
  • I’ve spend lots of time this week being focused on delivery which is representative of lots of our clients gearing up for Autumn early careers activity, and many clients wanting to talk about inclusion, brand, and assessing candidates fairly.
  • I’ve been fortunate enough to get a place on Utopia’s ‘Inclusion Maker’ programme which is a community of professionals looking to accelerate inclusion and diversity within business. I look forward to being able to share more resources and tools to help our clients disrupt and make change over the coming weeks!


  • Lockdown film creation? No problem. From polishing up zoom footage to animation, to stock film montages – there are so many things we can do remotely to help you spread your message, in the format that people most want to consume information – film. Here’s a little showreel of video style we can create for you from home.
  • We can also do socially distant photography! Get in touch and I can share examples.
  • Simon Wright shares his thoughts on who to trust with your employer brand.

In the UK:

  • Citizens Advice says it is now receiving calls seeking redundancy advice once every two minutes. Its benefits advice web pages are also receiving record-breaking traffic - 4.4 million views since 23 March. The charity says the surge in calls is indicative of an "escalating employment crisis" in the UK.
  • One in seven UK workers could be unemployed this year if second Covid wave hits, OECD warns
  • Chancellor Rishi Sunak is announcing a £2bn "kickstart scheme" to create more jobs for young people, in a statement to MPs. It is part of an emergency package to prevent mass unemployment as coronavirus hits the UK economy. The fund will subsidise six-month work placements for people on Universal Credit aged between 16 and 24, who are at risk of long-term unemployment
  • The furlough scheme will be replaced with a one-off £1,000 reward for each worker retained for three months. But, employer groups are warning more support may be needed to protect jobs.

In the wider world:

If you’d like to chat about any of the above or share your experiences, feel free to reach out.

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