There is an expectation now more than ever to know where employers stand on lots of current, but not necessarily new issues. The remaining silent option, is not an option. We've all heard how those organisations and employers that do well during this COVID lockdown period will be the winners when this all goes away. I think it will probably feel more like survival than winning but we understand that 2020 will impact on how our current and future employees view us. 

This has all gone on much longer than any of us were necessarily anticipating and the hot topics of conversation have changed throughout those months. This time has allowed some of us more time to reflect and self-educate, as well as looking at our places of work.

How would you say your employer brand has stacked up during this strange time? Both internally as well as externally. As an organisation how have you communicated? Have you as an organisation made it clear what you stand for? It doesn't have to mean that we are getting it all right but that we are becoming more self-aware and looking at how we can improve, for one being more inclusive.

People are engaging with content more so than ever, perhaps due to the change of working set up - being at home on their own, the reduced time spent travelling but also because there is a passion to see change and know more. No doubt we can all do better and I would be amazed at any organisation that thinks they have it sorted. 

This article sums it up perfectly with the following statement.

It’s a powerful reminder that employer branding is equal parts messaging and action. Messaging without action rings hollow, and action without messaging can go unnoticed.