Happy Monday

Ness has been busy this past week, working on some exciting projects across TMP, so I’ve taken up the reins for this week’s roundup.


  • I’ve been thinking a lot this week working from home. Specifically about the future of the office space (isn’t everyone?) and how moving to an entirely remote model may have some unforeseen consequences. This obviously has a lot of benefits, but I think there are a lot of issues that haven’t been considered, particularly around how this move can impact those who don’t necessarily have the luxury of being able to work from home. Is this move going to affect social mobility and career opportunities by shutting out jobs to certain markets? It’s not something I’ve seen written about yet – but would love to see any thoughts or insights you may have to share.
  • Some great articles I’ve read about working from home this week include:
  • End of the office: the quiet, grinding loneliness of working from home, via The Guardian
  • Get A Comfortable Chair: Permanent Work From Home Is Coming, via NPR


  • Robert Peasnell, TMP and PeopleScouts’s Deputy UK Managing Director, published some really helpful stats on the current recruitment market – you can see the post here.
  • In case you missed it last week, your usual author Vanessa, hosted the latest Talking Talent podcast with friends from the Guardian and Indeed – with this episode discussing company culture.
  • Our Employer Brand and Insights team created this 15 minute video for the TA Global Gathering event, discussing candidate experience. For the cats alone (yes, cats), it’s definitely worth a watch.

In the UK:

  • The Guardian have reported that the current Coronavirus pandemic could set women’s economic progress back 50 years, citing a combination of unbalanced distribution of care and work around the home, part time jobs being some of the hardest hit by the lockdown and the high costs of childcare as key factors (amongst others) to widen the gap.

In the wider world:

  • The Fast Company have been discussing corporate benefits. Whilst this talks specifically about American benefits, the overall messages of the article are ones that are worth all companies considering: are your benefits still relevant today? Do you have a flexible range of benefits that suit your employees’ differing needs?

And finally, three (non-recruitment related) articles I’ve liked this week:

  1. You need to read this post about how to organise your freezer. Trust me, these tips will make your life so much easier.
  2. I loved this short piece about how quarantine has changed the author’s view on productivity – short and sweet.
  3. I’ve heard a couple of recommendations about the How To Academy and will be signing up for a couple of their lectures and masterclasses. Upcoming sessions that sound interesting include
  4. How Brands Can Think Long Term
  5. Reasons to be an Optimist
  6. How to Design Your Work Life
  7. Why Almost Everything We’ve Been Told About Food is Wrong

If you’d like to chat about any of the above or share your experiences, feel free to reach out.

Take care,