In this series of blogs, so far we've covered the commercial impact of a positive candidate experience and treating candidates as consumers and creating awareness of your employer brand with the talent you want to engage with.

The next stage of the candidate experience is what we call:


The people you want in your business are aware of you, but they’re thinking about what to do next. And candidates are nothing if not thorough - they'll look at everything, using up to 18 different resources to research a company before applying for a job. 

Review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed, Facebook, Instagram, Careers Sites the humble job listing but to name a few. And this analysis isn’t just complex. It’s highly emotional. More than anything, your values are coming in for some serious attention too.

People are influenced by their networks. So it's important to get your ambassadors out there, telling wonderful, true stories of what you have to offer.

So what should we be doing?

  • Keep your brand tone and message tied to your EVP
  • Give insights into your people, culture and environment
  • Create lots of content – based on personal experiences
  • Show your values and CSR initiatives 
  • Show what it’s like to belong here
  • Make it easy for people to find the roles you recruiting for

Make recruitment an experience to remember not a grind to vent about. Brand isn’t just advertising and it isn’t just yours. It’s a living, breathing thing you can influence, craft and give to the world to enjoy. We’re in the rejection business. Most applicants don’t get the job. But send them away loving you – and appreciating your feedback and everybody wins.

Candidate Experience Diagnostic Tool

Our candidate experience diagnostic tool looks at your organisation’s recruitment experience through the lens of a candidate, up until the point of submitting an initial application. The diagnostic report provides a score of your candidate experience by looking for evidence of 40 key experience indicators. This will enable you to pinpoint and prioritise areas for improvement. We’ve split the candidate journey into 6 stages, with an overall score for each stage.  

Drawing on our years’ of experience in developing best practice recruitment processes for employers, our experience indicators model has also been informed by TMP’s proprietary research with over 1,750 recent candidates. This ensures the diagnostic is founded on real insight, giving a voice to the true expectations and preferences of candidates, and it provides a gold standard against which employers can optimise their own practices when taking steps toward candidate experience excellence.

We include a face-to-face meeting to share and contextualise the findings with supporting recommendation and actions to help you move forwards


If you’d like a candidate experience diagnostic report please get in touch by emailing me