As part of this series of blogs on candidate experience we've look at the benefits and costs of a good and poor CX, and are now moving through the different phases of the candidate journey, so far we've looked at attraction and consideration. Today we move onto the interest phase.


Changing jobs isn’t like changing chocolate bars or burger brands. It can be a life event here with big consequences. 

More than ever, candidates want to work somewhere with values. They want their work to mean more than the take home pay at the end of the month.

Candidates are forensic in making sure changing jobs ticks all the right boxes. They are evaluating you like never before and at every stage. Moreover, they won’t waste their time applying you don’t look like potential ‘perfect fit’ material.

Being sophisticated media consumers, candidates today won't just think about how interesting your claims are, but importantly how believable they are. They want to know what it’s really like to work for you.

‘Seeing is believing’. You won’t get away with telling people about your employee experience, you have to show them

So what should you be doing?

  • Know exactly who you’re looking for and tell them what that means
  • Keep proving your values
  • Encourage candidates to join talent communities
  • Introduce more of your people
  • Tell stories, stories, stories
  • Provide insightful answers to FAQs
  • Brand every touchpoint accurately

Make recruitment an experience to remember not a grind to vent about. Brand isn’t just advertising and it isn’t just yours. It’s a living, breathing thing you can influence, craft and give to the world to enjoy. We’re in the rejection business. Most applicants don’t get the job. But send them away loving you – and appreciating your feedback and everybody wins.

Candidate Experience Diagnostic Tool

Our candidate experience diagnostic tool looks at your organisation’s recruitment experience through the lens of a candidate, up until the point of submitting an initial application. The diagnostic report provides a score of your candidate experience by looking for evidence of 40 key experience indicators. This will enable you to pinpoint and prioritise areas for improvement. We’ve split the candidate journey into 6 stages, with an overall score for each stage.  

Drawing on our years’ of experience in developing best practice recruitment processes for employers, our experience indicators model has also been informed by TMP’s proprietary research with over 1,750 recent candidates. This ensures the diagnostic is founded on real insight, giving a voice to the true expectations and preferences of candidates, and it provides a gold standard against which employers can optimise their own practices when taking steps toward candidate experience excellence.

We include a face-to-face meeting to share and contextualise the findings with supporting recommendation and actions to help you move forwards


If you’d like a candidate experience diagnostic report please get in touch by emailing me: