The CIPD's latest Labour Market Outlook makes bleak reading for job seekers. With redundancies on the rise, hiring intensions down and salary levels flatlining, are there any chinks of opportunity on the horizon?

Not surprisingly, bucking the trend are the healthcare and public administration sectors, who's net employment scores both rose significantly, as they continue to manage the pandemic frontline and public service delivery.

It's also great to read in the Guardian about some of the initiatives springing up in the graduate space.  With graduate job openings falling by 77% since the beginning of the year, there are on average 100 graduates vying for each role. Charitable and volunteering initiatives such as upReach and Generation Help have set-up virtual internships and opportunities for graduates to develop their skills and connect with industry to open up future opportunities for what is being labelled 'Generation covid'.

The speed and agility of businesses to adjust to new vitual ways of working has accelerated some of the workforce change conversations that have been rumbling on for years - let's hope we can keep and develop the best of these and leave the rest behind ...... along with the pandemic.