In this series, I'm sharing the five core strategies that we use to drive awareness, usage, and advocacy of content for our clients.

3. Activating micro-influencers

Last week, we talked about putting employees at the heart of content creation. Taking this to the next level, UGC (User Generated Content) sees employees not just featuring in content but creating it themselves as micro-influencers. By setting content creators regular challenges and tasks, employers are able to drive efficiencies of scale for content creation, amplifying brand-compliant content via company-wide channels.

UGC, while an excellent way to create real and honest attraction products, often runs the risk of being poor quality or cause problems with compliance and brand approvals when shared in the raw format. To mitigate these risks, we use UGC as a method of generating raw footage and imagery rather than being the end product itself.

An example of this is the employer brand-led video that we created for Diageo in Summer 2019 for the Greek Islanders recruitment campaign. We created a high-quality film made from content captured by those currently in role. The film exceeded expectations and delighted Diageo, producing a 50% increase in applications versus the previous year.

Bringing the Greek islands to LinkedIn

Our brief was to recruit brand reps that spend their summer selling Diageo products to bars and clubs on the Greek Islands. The role had small numbers of applications, but when we spoke to the islanders, they were so excited to tell us about their amazing job. It was something we thought would be so popular if only the target audience knew about it. With some very keen ambassadors, we created a high-quality film using footage filmed by the reps themselves. 

We briefed Diageo‚Äôs current Greek islanders with our vision for the film, together with a briefing pack and some technical guidance, asking them to share their weird and wonderful experiences. We then reviewed, edited, and stitched the videos together and used them to bring our script to life. 

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