In this series, I'm sharing the five core strategies that we use to drive awareness, usage, and advocacy of content for our clients. The final strategy is. . .

5. Creating a foundation to succeed and celebrating success

Training is an important part of both creating the right content and creating the culture of sharing within the business. In its most simple form, creating guidance and tools makes it easy for hiring managers to use the right branding or attraction product at the right time. This would include the creation of LinkedIn banners that can be uploaded when a hiring manager has an open role, for example.

Once hiring managers get into the habit of using their own channels to promote live opportunities, the next stage would be training them to create their own on-brand attraction products. An example of where we have done this was with the launch of Diageo’s employer brand ‘Character is everything’ and Maersk's employer brand 'Into the amazing'.

The second part is around positively reinforcing the behaviour of advocacy through celebration and reward. Various platforms reward employees at every level, whether they are just putting their stamp on existing content and sharing via their networks, up to being fully-fledged advocates creating their own content. 

This gamification can be tailored to your objectives too, meaning that users are rewarded more for activity that aligns with your goals such as getting high engagement rates from a tech audience, or driving conversions from content that positions you as an employer of choice.

Going into the amazing with Maersk

We knew that the employer brand that we created for Maersk “Into the amazing” was not something that we would be able to convey through visual identity and tone of voice alone. Communicating “the amazing” meant telling the story of the size and scale of Maersk as well as the opportunities for their employees have to make their impact there.

While the pillars provided structure and guidelines for communicating the brand consistently, it was over to the individual teams to bring these to life through storytelling. We created banks of headline, copy, as well as questions sets and interview guides to help hiring managers and brand managers create content that resonated with their target groups. 

Through the toolkit and on-going consultancy, we have taken Maersk from the perception of a traditional shipping company to a human, forward-thinking, technology organisation that attracts and retain the talent they need.


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In following these principles, we ensure that our client’s branding and attraction assets are easy to create, simple to share, and rewarding to be a part of, creating advocates across the whole business.