In this series, I'm sharing the five core strategies that we use to drive awareness, usage, and advocacy of content for our clients.

4. Driving efficiencies through technology

The approaches that we have discussed so far are great when you've time, budget, and something exciting to say. But, there will be times where you need to create reactive content or posts quickly, for example in response to external events or news. At other times you will need to share functional attraction content that do not merit creating bespoke artwork or film. Unless this content aligns with some of the motivations that we previously mentioned in point one, employees are unlikely to share this content as it is.

In this instance, it is important that employees are given a chance to personalise the content before sharing it with their network so that they can make a connection between what you as an employer want to communicate and what your employees wants to express.

Various technology tools allow employers to share content, posts, and job opportunities with employee while also giving them resources and guidance to communicate it in their own way. This structured approach has the added benefit of incorporating brand guidelines up-front and compliance review before going live, to ensure all content is on-brand while also being reducing the time resource on the attraction team.

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