Unless you have been living in a cave you are fully aware of the state of chaos the world is currently experiencing.

Despite this ongoing feeling of instability, the world is still turning, albeit in a very strange way.

With the ongoing pressure of unemployment rising, the challenge of getting the right people into the right roles becomes even more prevalent.

The challenge has flipped to a certain degree. The great passive candidates don't want to move and who can blame them? Who isn't aware of the last in first out motto? So how can you entice them to move? This is where you need to get right the Awareness Phase, if you haven't already I suggest you take a look.

At the same time there is a sudden influx of unsuitable applications for every single role. They need to be considered, handled in a way that isn't going to leave a bad taste in their mouth having gone through your recruitment experience. These shoddy experiences get shared. They are people and they are pinning their hopes on your organisation.

Its about providing a candidate experience that is going to help you attract the right people for where you are now but also in the future. At the same time, it’s making those that aren’t the right fit feel like they’ve had the opportunity to self-select themselves out. Everyone wants to feel in control of their own destiny. 

Take a look at our Candidate Experience webinar from last week for helpful insights on how you can improve your candidate experience.