The article below got me thinking. About something that we probably already know. Companies often focus on the wrong initiative or strategy, or let's say they prioritise the wrong one. In this case it's about attracting more women to work for them, when the focus should often be more on how do we retain them?

Why is it often so difficult for women to thrive in an organisation? This article focuses on the world of tech, a sector that is renowned for struggling to attract women and according to this, when it does manage to attract them it fails to retain them.

According to the report Resetting Tech Culture conducted by Accenture and Girls Who Code, 50% of young women in the tech industry drop out by the age of 35. Quite frankly what a waste.

But this is indicative of so many sectors. The focus is on getting women in the door but not necessarily about how you then keep hold of them and develop them. This could be transferred to other underrepresented groups also.

As part of our own Developing Female Talent group at PeopleScout I've found having that focus on what it is that often prevents women from staying or progressing can really help to drive change. From storytelling and profiling, better structured one-to-ones to maternity leave enhancements, if we take the time to understand the barriers or what could assist change, then we can stop trying to plug a supposed gap.

We all know our greatest resource are people, so we all need to take the time to understand what can enhance their chance to succeed and stay.