With so much uncertainty in the employment market, it would be easy to assume that organisational values and purpose would have dropped down the pecking order for job seekers.  Surely any job will do in this climate?  

Research from Hays shows that it's quite the opposite - their survey highlights that  candidates are looking more than ever to work for an organisation who's purpose and values are aligned to their own.  Perhaps these uncertain times mean people want clarity around what an organisation stands for, it's purpose and culture to feel more secure?

It's still surprising how many employers don't consider how they can embed their values and culture at every stage of the candidate journey.  Does your recruitment process give the right perception of you as an organisation?  Is it reflective of your culture?  Does it portray your company's ethos and personality?

Start with your values and culture and see how you can thread this through the candidate journey, from initial attraction through engagement, assessment and onboarding.  

This article highlights the key findings from Hays' resent research with 13,500 people.   It's a great starting point if you want to understand what the priorities are for job seekers before you start reviewing your end-to-end recruitment process .