Although extensive research and evidence shows that organisations with senior female leaders financially out perform those with no women at the top, it is surprising that some of the UK's biggest companies have been accused of failing to reach gender board diversity targets. 

The 2016 Hampton-Alexander review set a minimum of 33% target for women on FTSE 350 boards by the end of 2020 many of which have yet to reach the target.

With the current climate in mind and the economic stagnation due to Covid-19 how will female leaders fare and will boards see gender diversity as a priority during such challenging times. Here at TMP/PeopleScout we are continuing to evolve and embrace our plans for developing female talent and have a clear focus and strategy to engage female talent within our business.

However with more organisations planning to increase remote working beyond Covid, flexibility may attract more female talent into senior level positions but is that enough, what should organisations be focusing on when hiring into senior level positions.......