In case you have forgotten, 70% of leadership (or more) is about effective communication. At different levels of leadership you may be directing resources to manage the day to day task delivery, or you may be more reliant on getting the best out of others, more removed from the day-to-day. 

In light of Welsh Rugby Union losing their 5th game in a row over the weekend, I reflected on what they are going through.  Maybe I am biased, being a fan, but it's not surprising they are not finding form right now. They have a new manager and it may be taking time for everyone to settle in and for Wayne Pivac to establish himself.

Whatever level you are at, how you communicate will determine the culture you create and how effective you are as a leader. 

There are three components to remember;

  • upwards communication - inform, problem solve and create solutions to business change and effectiveness
  • downwards - creating clarity around purpose and how everyone can contribute to success
  • two-way - listen - encourage feedback and create a safe environment to challenge constructively - many at the coal face have great ideas as they are getting that constant feedback from customers

This is what people are saying though about leadership in the UK;

  • 30% of employees believe their manager lacks team building skills
  • 17.9% of employees said their manager lacks feedback skills
  • 10.65% of employees say their manager lacks delegation skills
  • 14.6% of employees said their manager lacks time management skills

The 'top hitters' employees wish their managers were better at are;

  1. Effective communication
  2. Ability to train and develop
  3. Time management and delegation
  4. Cultivating team culture
  5. Managing team performance

The story isn't 'bad' but if you are looking for improvement to take your team to the next level of high performance this little reminder could be useful.

What are you doing to be your best self at all times?