I've read a few articles about this in the past few days as the topic of diversion, inclusion and belonging is on my mind and a lot. As an organisation we are making changes to encourage more diversity at a senior leadership level. A recent poll of our employees suggested a previous lack of flexibility in location and working patterns was a big turn off for women.

We listened to everyone, and we are making the improvements to open the doors for more women to be able to make bigger career steps. 

In this article it evidences how flexible working is making a big impact on retaining talent within organisations. It seems a simple thing to do right? 

In all honesty, we were lagging behind and creating barriers to progression unknowingly. Through demonstrating our effectiveness to work remotely as a whole organisation this year, as a result of the lock down, we have accelerated change in this area which is creating opportunity.

Are you doing the same? What will happen after we have beaten the pandemic, will you go back to the old normal. Please don't!

Take a poll of your staff - ask them what 'flexibility' they need, and what it means to them to have more flexibility. Work with those groups to seek solutions which work for everyone. Create a new role - Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Advisor to nail all those projects and embed them into your organisation.

We're doing it and it's creating a lot of excitement around the future. Make your organisation stand out and watch your pipelines fill with people hungry to join you.