It's always good to take a moment to pause and review what's going on in your organisation and this timely report gives you added insight into a wider picture to benchmark yourself against.

Some really interesting stats. in here about diversity in leadership and some thought processes going on further down the chain.

"Diverse workforces are 30% more likely to spot mistakes."

"Almost half of Millennials believe D&I to be an important factor in their job search."
Weber Shandwick and KRC Research

"In 2019, women made up 32.4% of FTSE 100 boards and 29.6% on FTSE 250 Boards."
Hampton Alexander review

As a recruiter, and the recruitment industry in general, we are being tasked with adding more diversity into pipelines to create more diversity at the shortlisting stages. Of course we want to help you, there are things we can do like;

  • encourage you to think more broadly at the brief - question your thinking and ask you to ask yourself what barriers you are creating - for example education, a degree from a 'type' University - is that really essential and who is that excluding
  • communicate your opportunity in a way that includes everyone using the appropriate language to open doors to encourage a broader interest in the opportunity
  • make sure that your hiring process reflects the diversity of your organisation or locality to foster trust that you really care about diversity and inclusion
  • consider your terms and conditions - what barriers to entry do they create therefore switching off swathes of individuals who would otherwise be interested

You can do more though .....

  • what about before the pipeline building which we recruiters can help you with?
  • building links with your communities and local education providers and positioning yourself as an employer who provides support, training, opportunity, and local jobs

I was on a call with our colleagues in the USA last night and we were talking about how demanding a specific education pathway to your organisation would have excluded him. He came in as an Intern and has worked his way through the organisation to Director. Without that openness to consider individuals with different experiences you will not create a diverse workplace.

There's a great example of Leadership Window thinking - understand SKILL and WILL - there was a lot of will there in that individual to want to progress, and hard work. What he needed was to be shown the skills required to get from "Now to Next". 

"Globally, the majority (72%) of women aspire to open their own business in a bid to avoid unfair treatment they may experience in the workplace."
OnePoll, Herbalife Nutrition

Yes we need equality of course, but what about equity too. 

Support everyone to have the same opportunity and you will go a long way to develop a diverse and inclusive organisation. We share 99.9% same DNA after all.